13 October 2008

Week 7 College Football Ranking (AP and me)

First Place Votes in Parentheses

Week 6 AP Week 6 Me Week 7 AP Week 7 Me
1 Oklahoma (43) Oklahoma Texas (39) Texas
2 Alabama (21) Missouri Alabama (26) Alabama
3 Missouri Alabama Penn State Penn State
4 LSU (1) LSU Oklahoma Florida
5 Texas Penn State Florida Texas Tech
6 Penn State Texas USC Oklahoma
7 Texas Tech Texas Tech Texas Tech Georgia
8 USC BYU Oklahoma State BYU
9 BYU Florida BYU Oklahoma State
10 Georgia Georgia Georgia USC
11 Florida USC Missouri Ohio State
12 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State LSU
13 Vanderbilt Boise State LSU Missouri
14 Utah Kansas Utah Kansas
15 Boise State Vanderbilt Boise State Boise State
16 Kansas Auburn Kansas Utah
17 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Virginia Tech South Florida
18 Virginia Tech Utah North Carolina Virginia Tech
19 South Florida South Florida South Florida North Carolina
20 Auburn Virginia Tech Michigan State Pittsburgh
21 Wake Forest Illinois Wake Forest Michigan State
22 North Carolina Pittsburgh Vanderbilt Vanderbilt
23 Michigan State Ball State Pittsburgh Ball State
24 Pittsburgh Michigan State Ball State Wake Forest
25 Ball State North Carolina California Tulsa

Falling out of the AP Top 25: Auburn
Falling out of My Top 25: Auburn, Illinois

Newly Ranked Teams in the AP Top 25: California
AP Biggest gain within ranking: Florida (11 --> 5)
AP Biggest gain into ranking: California ( 29 --> 25)
AP Biggest loss within ranking: LSU (4 --> 13), Vanderbilt (13 --> 22)
AP Biggest loss out of ranking: Auburn (20 --> 0 votes)

06 October 2008

Now my devotion is all Bears and Illini Football

With the Cubs getting swept by the Dodgers, I have decided to put all sports enthusiasm towards the football teams of the Chicago Bears and the Illinois Fighting Illini. For an offense that lead the NL in runs scored, doubles, total bases, OBP and slugging, I was thoroughly disappointed.

Other pitiful and otherwise disappointing stats of the series:
5-for-28 (.179) with runners in scoring position
9 XBH (12 for LAD)
5.87 starters ERA (1.42 LAD)
14 BB given out by the Cubs pitching staff
The Big 3 (Soriano, Lee, Ramirez) went a combined 9-for-37 (.243)

Our starting pitching (Dempster, Zambrano, and Harden respectively) dug us deep into holes early in the games and the heart of our order was not clutch to say the least. And after pretty much blowing away hitters for months, I was not expecting this out of our staff. Six runs scored over three games isn't gonna win a series 100 times out of 100 in this day and age, and so much more was expected after leading the NL in runs scored.

Saying "Wait 'til next year" sounds especially sour after such a successful 97-64 Division-winning regular season, but it still has to be said. Jim Edmonds was a great (and cheap) pickup, batting .256, 19 HR, and 49 RBI over 85 games as a Cub. Kosuke Fukudome, whom I thought at the beginning of the year had rookie of the year written all over him, seemed to be baffled by MLB pitching, especially on left-handers, during the entire second half.

So much was expected of this team. It was supposed to be THE year, with 7 All-Star selections, the highest payroll ever, and the most wins since 1935.

It gonna be a long winter, but now it's time to turn attention to football.

05 October 2008

Week 6 College Football Ranking (AP and me)

First Place votes in parentheses

Week 5 (Old)Week 6 (New)Me
#1Oklahoma (43)Oklahoma (51)
#2Alabama (21) Alabama (13)
Mizzou (1) Alabama
#4Mizzou (1)LSULSU
#5TexasTexasPenn State
#6Penn State
Penn StateTexas
#7Texas Tech
Texas TechTexas Tech
#10South Florida
#12FloridaOhio State
Ohio State
#13AuburnVanderbiltBoise State
#14Ohio StateUtahKansas
#15UtahBoise State
#17Boise State
Oklahoma State
Oklahoma State
#18WisconsinVirginia Tech
#19VanderbiltSouth Florida
South Florida
#20Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech
#21Oklahoma State
Wake Forest
#22Fresno State
North Carolina
#23OregonMichigan State
Ball State
#24UConnPittsburghMichigan State
#25Wake Forest
Ball State
North Carolina

Falling out of the AP Top 25: Wisconsin, Fresno State, Oregon, UConn
Falling out of my Top 25: Fresno State, Oregon, UConn

Newly ranked teams in the AP: North Carolina, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Ball State
AP Biggest gain within ranking: Alabama (8 --> 2)
AP Biggest gain into ranking: Pittsburgh (0 votes --> 24)
AP Biggest loss within ranking: South Florida (10 --> 19)
AP Biggest loss out of ranking: UConn (24 --> 0 votes)


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